It is a wrapper of Bullet Physics Library for Blitz3D.


- Visual debugging;
- Rigid bodies (convex and concave hulls);
- Soft bodies (cloth and volume objects);
- Forces and acceleration;
- Triggers and Magnets;
- Advanced raycast;
- Joints and Vehicle;
- Collisions (grouping, masking and detection).

Download BlitzBullet Trial v1.2.0.2 - 1.9 mb.
Download Binary Examples - 21.5 mb.

- $24.85 $12.85


It is a wrapper of OpenAL on the basis of cAudio for Blitz3D.


- 2d and 3d audio;
- Pitch, velocity and directional controls;
- Doppler and Rolloff Factor controls;
- Listener orientation control;
- Play, pause, and stop controls and etc.

Download BlitzAL - 2.0 mb.